More than 50 boats damaged six months ago by Hurricanes Irma continue to litter local waterways, including the Banana River and Indian River. Also in the water are destroyed docks and other hurricane debris.

But there’s no state or county money currently set aside to remove the boats or the other debris that remain in the water. So county commissioners are asking for help from the governor and the Florida Legislature.

County commissioners last week unanimously approved having County Commission Chair Rita Pritchett send Gov. Rick Scott and the six members of Brevard County’s delegation to the Florida Legislature a request for help.

“If the remaining portions of the state-owned navigable waterways within Brevard do not receive debris removal, this will leave significant public health, safety and welfare issues for the residents and visitors of Brevard County,” the letter reads in part.

Brevard County Emergency Management Director Kimberly Prosser said about 80 percent of the debris from Irma has been removed from the water within Brevard County, under a program coordinated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection,

Additionally, about 50 percent of the derelict vessels have been removed, under a program coordinated by the Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Completing the job, Prosser said, will cost about $2.3 million for the docks and other debris, plus about $200,000 for the derelict boats.